Ryder Grimes and Billie Jo Jones with Maddox Batson on New Year's Eve at Sidekicks

LOCATION: Sidekicks Bar and Grill
909 East Lennon Drive Emory, Texas 75440

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Hailing from the foothills of the Appalachian Chain-- Birmingham, Alabama native and teen sensation Maddox Batson brings his kind heart and old soul together for a unique blend of modern neo-traditional country music fused with an unmistakable trademark hint of gravely southern rock. 

Singing with his Dad and at Church from an early age, Maddox was born to entertain, gaining more that 50 million views on his TikTok account in under 3 months, garnering over 477,000 followers in the same time. 

He is a talented actor, athlete as well as a multi-instrument musician and singer/songwriter, and NEVER takes himself too seriously. Just check out his now viral “Get Ready With Me” TikTok videos for a taste of how he uses his sense of humor to disarm and charm. 

Truly a site to see.“Its Magic.”

Surrounded and grounded by his family, Maddox screams authenticity in his music and delivery, and values the same in others. 

Touted as a “Mix between Cole Swindell, Morgan Wallen and Justin Bieber”, he is continuing to hone his craft, both as a vocalist and as a songwriter for his ever-growing fan base, and hopes to win you over with his genuine smile, and infectious voice.